About Veri_Ed: This is a total automated solution for Institutions (any schools / college / professional college / Coaching Institute) covering all operational and management areas. The system will cover four main areas of operation:

Student information: covers student registration / admission process. Critical reports like Admission register, admission form, student classification based on sex, caste etc. This has facility for TC/SLC, Bonafide, Character certificates etc along with Student / Staff Id Cards and Guardian Gate-Pass. Guardian can use the kiosk at entrance gate for any query (related to their child) using Mastercard.

Money management: covers the fee management, miscelleneous collections and stock sales at the counter. Receipt and Daily collection report will be generated by the system sequentially and student fee ledger, outstanding dues report can be printed at any time. Income-Expense Reports with all supporting ledgers can be generated from the system.

Goods Management: covers stock items (Fixed asset / saleable items / consumables) that will be bar-coded and identified by the system for all transactions. Stock sale process will become fully automated by using the bar coded system. Library books will also be bar coded and issue / receiving / fine-management will be done without much keyboard involvement.

Time Management: covers student attendance (MasterCard) and staff attendance (Mastercard). Timetable / substitution will be linked with the automated staff attendance system. Control-Panel on a TV screen will like the current day's activity panel in every room.

Management Information System will help the Principal / management get all related information to a student / staff when required at the click of a button. This will be primarily useful during PTM and staff appraisal process.